Invest them wisely.

Because every beat counts.

About Theo

Theo Etzel was born and raised in Miami, FL. He is the author of the book, Invest Your Heartbeats Wisely, which focuses on practical, philosophical and principled leadership concepts for business and life. Theo is part of Vistage, an international association of CEOs dedicated to constant improvement of business practices and personal development. In 2011, he was inducted into the Junior Achievement Hall of Fame in Collier County and named a Man of Distinction in 2013 by the Collier County Champions for Learning.

About Invest Your Heartbeats Wisely

Invest Your Heartbeats Wisely is based on the concept that each of us has a limited number of heartbeats while on this earth and how we choose to spend, or invest, those heartbeats really does matter. We trade our heartbeats for money we receive from employers, experiences we have, and possessions we choose.

Featured Podcast

Theo Etzel has produced a series of podcasts that give you insights in to the Hearbeats concept and how you can use it in your own organization. Enjoy the listening!